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Hanging Your Art Here

For the next Hanging Night, see the Events Calendar.

A/NT Gallery is a non-juried and non-curated space.  We accept artists of all skill levels and art of a wide variety of subject matter.  If you wish to hang here, please follow the steps below.

1) Prepare your artwork for display.

If you have 2D art, make sure it's ready to be hung on the wall.  Appropriate display depends on the medium and surface (see guidelines below).  Please only use hanging wire—sawtooth hangers usually can't bear the weight of the artwork.

Art on stretched canvas: Frames aren't required.  Just string hanging wire between the stretcher bars, about one-third down the back of the piece.  If the work is varnished, glass usually isn't necessary.

Art on canvas board or wood panel: These should be framed, with hanging wire strung on the back of the frame.  If the work is varnished, glass usually isn't necessary.

Art on paper: A frame with glass is highly recommended for any work done on paper or paper board.

If you have 3D art (sculptures, pottery, furniture, and anything else that can't be hung on the wall), A/NT has pedestals you can use for display, or the piece can rest on the floor if it's large enough.

If you're not sure how to appropriately display your art, or you just want to know more about displaying in the gallery, feel free to contact A/NT.  You can also visit arts and crafts stores (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Joann's, etc.) to learn more about artwork presentation and pick up supplies.

2) Come to the next Hanging Night.

We schedule a Hanging Night on the Monday before the first Saturday of every month.  We recommend all artists come at 5:30 PM that day in order to check in and fill out the appropriate paperwork (consignment forms) and grab a spot on the walls.  At 6:30 PM, we start hanging work.

Please check out the A/NT Calendar to find the exact dates of the next Hanging Night.

3) Pay the fees and sign up to volunteer.

In order to hang, we require a per-piece fee, which varies by the size of the artwork, the total number of pieces you wish to hang, and whether or not you're an active member at the gallery.

Since A/NT is completely run by the volunteer efforts of our members, we offer a 50% fee discount to members who commit seven hours of volunteer time for the month.  Most artists volunteer their time as gallery sitters, who watch the gallery during normal business hours.

In addition to the hanging fees, A/NT Gallery takes a 15% commission on all artwork sold (this is very low compared to other galleries, which tend to charge 50% commission).  A/NT Gallery handles the sales tax.

For more detailed information about fees, please see the Fees and Volunteering page.

4) Hang your work.

At 6:30 PM sharp, we'll pass around the hammers and hanging hardware, then beginning putting up the work.  This a collaborative process, where we all figure out what pieces go best where.

Once it's all up, A/NT creates labels for the art, including the Title, Artist's Name, Medium, and Price.  All the artists are allowed to set their own prices (or specify "NFS" if it's Not For Sale), based on what they find appropriate to the piece. 

5) Attend the Saturday Reception.

On the first Saturday of every month, A/NT Gallery has an opening reception.  Since A/NT is volunteer run, we rely on all the artists to promote the gallery.  So artists are highly encouraged to invite all their friends, and bring any food or beverages they can.  It's a collective effort to make a great party!

6) Pick Up Your Art.

The monthly show ends before the next Hanging Night, so be sure to pick up your unsold art.  If your art sold during the month, A/NT Gallery will issue the proceeds to you, minus the 15% commission.