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About Us

A/NT Gallery's Mission is to provide artists, at all levels of experience, the opportunity to show and market their art work.

We're a collective artist run gallery with 4,000 ft² of showroom. Any given month we can have over 200 pieces of artworks on display. Original artwork can range anywhere from $3 to $2000 and up. Furthermore, when purchasing art at A/NT 85% is given back to the artist to help further their artistic growth, so join in on the fun and come help celebrate our 24th year in the art community.

Not-for-Profit Status

Since A/NT is a working gallery that sells products and services, we cannot be a Federal 501(c)3 organization. We are, however, a Washington State Non-Profit Organization, and can accept donations that are tax deductable through our fiscal sponsor, the Allied Arts Foundation. Click here to learn more about donating to A/NT Gallery.

Our History

A/NT Gallery opened in October 1988 in a space previously occupied by a bus terminal (hence our former name, "Art/Not Terminal Gallery"). Ten months later, it was incorporated as a Washington State non-profit organization. Since that time, A/NT Gallery has provided the Seattle metropolitan area with an all-volunteer, artist-run gallery. We provide an attractive gallery setting where Puget Sound artists of all skill levels can display their work. A/NT is a non-juried, non-censored venue where anyone may participate.

How We Operate

A/NT operates solely by the efforts of its member-artists and other interested parties. There are no paid staff members. The gallery employs no professional fundraisers. With the exception of Allied Arts and a credit card processing company, A/NT contracts for no outside services. Our business expenses are kept to an absolute minimum, allowing artists from many financial backgrounds to participate in gallery shows.

Annually, the general membership elects a Board of Directors, which transacts the business of the gallery. A/NT operates much the same way now, as it has since 1988. Artists arrive on the scheduled hanging night, pay gallery fees, and display their artwork. New shows open at A/NT every month. On the Sunday a week before the new show reception the artists pick up their artwork. We then refurbish the gallery ready for our new shows. On Saturday night, the new show officially opens, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

About Our Members

Since 1988, more than 2000 artists have featured their works at the gallery. The gallery is an excellent place to gain exposure and pieces are sold on a regular basis. Over 40 artists exhibit their works every month. Patrons have the opportunity to find a unique creation that really speaks to them, and at the same time, they can support the work of up-and-coming local artists. Many of our contributing artists have gone on to establish themselves in greater Seattle art community, while continuing to actively participate in our activities.

To qualify as an active member, someone must volunteer at least 7 hours a month at the gallery. There is a choice of volunteer duties available that active members may choose from. There is no limit on how many hours, beyond the 7 hour requirement, each member may volunteer. The general memberships works are displayed in the main gallery area and the monthly featured artist displays their artwork in the main entrance of the gallery. Members and other artists may also display their work on the lower floor of the gallery (the Sub-T room) at a nominal fee. The fee structure offers daily, weekly and monthly display rates. This area is often hosting exhibitions several months in advance. Furthermore, each week, the lower floor conducts three life-drawing sessions each week featuring professional artists and models. These have become very popular over the years.