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The Indie Book Fair at A/NT Gallery

Fuzzy Hedgehog Press in collaboration with A/NT Gallery will be hosting an event for writers and readers alike this winter. Join us for great books, great art, great readings, and a festive time with the Pacific Northwest’s independent authors.  For more information, visit www.IndieBookFair.com.

Featuring: Leeland Artra, Jeff Suwak, D.E.S. Richard, S.C. Barrus, Elizabeth Guizzetti, Zachary Bonelli, A. Ka, Robert R. Mitchell, Old Nod, David D. Horowitz, Laura Kelly Robb, Laurie Blauner, Jerry Gold, Kay Kinghammer, Sibyl James, John B McIntyre, Michele Makinson, Windtree Press, Maggie Lynch, T.M.Franklin, Lisa Stowe, Susan Schreyer, Joyce Yarrow, Paddy Eger, Valerie A. Stein, Mark Matteson, Northwest Independent Writers Association, Susan Lute, Paty Jager, Jamie Brazil, Matt Youngmark, Kate Bracy, Ksenia Anske, Chris Patchell, and Griffith H. Williams.

Support A/NT Gallery


The Gallery expresses its thanks to our landlord, Capitol Hill Housing, for helping us provide an affordable home for Seattle artists for the past 20 years.

Their largesse is one reason that A/NT Gallery has been able to provide the freedom of a non-juried exhibition space to thousands of artists as well as community arts groups such as the Onyx Collective and Seattle Weavers Guild, who do not have their own gallery space. Hundreds of Seattle artists have also participated in the affordable weekly Life Drawing sessions hosted here for the past dozen years.

Even with the support of our landlord, the cost of continuing to operate in our current home has increased beyond the means of our traditional budget. In order to keep our services affordable for local artists, we are now asking our supporters for help. If you feel that it's important to keep a non-juried affordable art gallery in the city center, please support A/NT Gallery with your tax deductable donations.

Please make your tax deductable donation to A/NT Gallery today!