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Hanging Night and Monthly Member Exhibit

All artists can participate in our Monthly Members' Exhibit by coming to Hanging Night, held on the Monday before the first Saturday of each month. (See the Event Calendar for exact dates.)

Check in begins at 6:00pm. Volunteers will help new members fill out the new online forms, pay member dues, and sign up for volunteering. At 6:30pm, we start arranging the exhibit and hang the show.

We have moved to a completely online system to register membership and track pieces of art works (it basically replaces our old consignment forms). You can save yourself tons of time and register ahead of arriving at the hanging.

Don't have art to hang?

Feel free to stop by anyway!  We invite anyone interested in putting together an exhibit to participate.  Learn how to hang art work, check out the gallery, and meet a lot of cool artists.

Not a member?

That's fine, too! Everyone is welcome, and becoming a member is easy and fun.

Display of Work

Our Member Exhibit is not juried or censored, but we do require that all art be ready to hang. Appropriate framing and hardware depends on the artwork.

Sawtooth hangers should be avoided because they can't carry enough weight and often fall off the wall. Hanging wire is strongly recommended whenever it can be used. Unvarnished work and works on paper should be framed with glass or plastic for their protection. The gallery has pedestals for sculptures and other 3D works that can't be hung on the wall. Larger works and furniture may be set on the floor.

If you're not sure how to appropriately display your art, or you just want to know more about displaying in the gallery, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Sale of Artwork

Each artist prices their own work; Not for Sale is acceptable. The gallery is a Washington State non-profit (currently seeking federal 501(c)(3) status), but individual artists collect 85% of any sale.  The gallery collects and pays all sales tax.  Currently, greatly reduced hanging fees and featured artist spaces of various sizes are expected to continue indefinitely.

Themed Exhibits

A/NT Gallery regularly extends Calls for Art for our themed exhibits. These calls can be found under the Exhibits menu on our website, and are advertised through our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Depending on the structure of the exhibit, it may or may not be juried. Both non-members and members can submit their work to these shows. Entry fees and/or hanging fees may be applicable, but these do not constitute membership dues. Please consult the call for each special exhibit to learn more about how to participate in specific exhibits. Submitting to a call or hanging in these special exhibits does not qualify a member for membership.