Art/Not Terminal Gallery meets every month to conduct a community/artists meeting. Gallery regulars and the public are encouraged to attend. Email us at if you'd like to make a comment or to find out how to be more involved. 


 +1 (206) 233-0680

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Run by and for Artists.

Art/Not Terminal Gallery is in it's 29th year.

A/NT is 100% user financed and volunteer staffed.  A/NT Gallery receives no grants or on going financial support from government. All staff are volunteers. Based on non-juried shows, the gallery welcomes Artists from all walks of life and segments of society, regardless of formal training. The Gallery management and leadership board are volunteers. 

A/NT is open to all Artists and community supporters willing to be involved in a positive and constructive way.

Forever changing, A/NT has endeavored to present two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of Art. Many Artists display their works for the first time at A/NT Gallery, a uniquely welcoming venue.

The Gallery's space is available for specialty event rental.

27 years in Downtown Seattle, now in Seattle Center

27 years in Downtown Seattle, now in Seattle Center


Art/Not Terminal was originally conceived as a three month long Guerrilla Art Show in the 1980's by occupying and transforming an unused bus terminal in downtown Seattle into a peoples Art Gallery. Once opened for the three month show, People wandered in from Seattle's busy downtown streets asking "where is the bus", and the Artists told them they had lots of Art, but no buses or terminal.  The name stuck:

Art/Not Terminal        A.K.A.       A/NT Gallery Seattle

Art/Not Terminal Gallery (also known as A/NT Gallery) an Artists' collective founded in Seattle, October 1988.

A Washington State not-for-profit corporation since July 1989.