Art/Not Terminal Gallery (also known as A/NT Gallery) is a Seattle artists' collective founded in October 1988. It became a Washington State not-for-profit corporation in July 1989, and is currently pursuing tax-exempt status to become a 501(c)(3) organization.

A/NT Gallery serves the Puget Sound area by offering several new exhibits every month, free to the public. We also offer our gallery's space to other cultural organizations in need of an exhibit or event venue.

In its 25 year history, A/NT Gallery has provided support and space to thousands of emerging artists and disadvantaged artists in need of an exhibit space. The gallery offers education and mentoring on business practices, gallery display, art reproduction, and other subjects related to careers in the arts. Since it's are a non-juried space, the gallery doesn't turn away any artists, regardless of ability or background.

Art/Not Terminal used to be in an old bus terminal, which the artists transformed into a gallery. People kept wandering in asking for the bus, and the artists had to tell them they had art, not a bus terminal. Thus, the name stuck: Art/Not Terminal.


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Our Board of Director meets every month to conduct business, such as voting on upcoming exhibits. Gallery members and the public are welcome to attend our meetings. See our Calendar for exact dates.