A/NT Gallery Board Members Mike Piper and Michelle Ishimitsu at work on a new show.

A/NT Gallery Board Members Mike Piper and Michelle Ishimitsu at work on a new show.




Hanging fees are based on a horizontal inch structure  (including the frame) with a minimum of 13 inches per piece. Fractions of an inch are rounded off to the next highest inch. For example 13.5 inches would be considered 14 inches.

Volunteer and get

a 50% discount rate

of $1.50 per inch.

If you volunteer as a greeter at the gallery for 7 hours in the month your art is on display, your hanging fee is discounted by 50%. For example a 13 inch wide piece would be $39 at the regular rate or $19.50 at the volunteer rate. 

large format art

For gallery volunteers who submit art with a total width greater than 24 inches, the hanging fee is $36 plus $0.75 for each inch in excess of 24. 

student discount

A discount of 15 percent on hanging fees is given to any person who presents a student ID showing current enrollment at any educational institution. 

Use the button below to book your volunteer time at the gallery via Square  Secure Booking System. The Square Secure Payment System will log in your Visa/MC payment method, so we never have your confidential information while paying your hanging fees. 

Your Visa/MC payment method is only on file within the Square Secure Payment System so you can pay your gallery hanging fees quickly, securely with confidence. You are always in control with Square. When at the gallery, you may use Apple Pay. 

Hanging fees are

finalized and taken

when art is dropped

off at the gallery.

We can also register you in person at the gallery up to one week before the opening. It will take several minutes to do this.

To receive volunteer discount, your payment method is logged in during volunteer booking.