Scott Severson Terminates

Figure Drawing Sessions

Scott Severson has informed A/NT Gallery that, due to lack of interest, it has come to the point where it is no longer feasible for him to continue his long-running Sunday night figure drawing sessions.

Severson agreed to resume the sessions when A/NT Gallery is in a position to provide funding for model services, via grant funding, for example.

New Gallery Archive Site

Brian Carman.JPG

Board of Directors member Brian Carman has created an archives site for A/NT Gallery, as a way to make it easer to find and share gallery related images for web, print, social media, and other marketing purposes. 

Carman says “If everyone who has or makes images/graphics/photos copies them to the site, we can all access and use those materials. That will prevent duplication of effort when gathering/creating images for shows, ads, etc.”

He further explains, “I can find a poster someone makes for a special exhibit show and post it on facebook or the A/NT Gallery webmaster can access photos I take of work hanging in the gallery to use for the website. Anyone who has cool photos from A/NT Gallery openings can share them on this archives site and they could be used for a print ad at some point in the future.” 

Brian concludes, “The site has folders and sub-folders to make it easier to find things. Feel free to add or edit these as you see fit, to make it more useful. If you have photos you want to contribute but don't want to deal with uploading, send them to me ( and I will be happy to do that for you.

Here's the A/NT Gallery Archive link: Image ARCHIVES - Google Drive 


Commission on Prints

The gallery has a policy of taking only 15 percent commission on bin prints.



Upcoming Dates


Friday June 28
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Saturday July 6
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