A/NT Gallery Board Member, Daniel Shea (left),   explains details of a not-for profit show.

A/NT Gallery Board Member, Daniel Shea (left), explains details of a not-for profit show.

Part of A/NT Artist Cooperative's mission is to support underserved regional art groups or service agencies by showing their art or art related to their causes at our gallery at no cost.

To accomplish this, interested groups or individuals need to link up with recognized local non-profit organizations who are interested in hosting art exhibits at A/NT Gallery.

Once you have non-profit backing, send us a proposal. We will give you feed back on the merits or limitations of your exhibit concept and suggest edits to improve your chances of success with Seattle Center. They have the final say on whether or not a project has “public benefit” and therefore not-for-profit status. 

We want your show to be approved, by Seattle Center as “Public Benefit”. in this way we would be allowed to give you the space for a one month show at NO cost. In this spirit, we have put together some talking points you will want to make sure you cover in your proposal for Seattle Center.

Seattle Center

Proposal Prompts


What is your organizations mission?
How does it relate to underserved artists, and or the public?
Include non-profit status or501(c)(3), if applicable.

Who are the artists that would show? 
What community of “underserved” artists are they from?
Seattle Center likes to see that an organization is serving
the local Seattle community in some aspect.

What is the public benefit?
Why is it important that these people are
represented to the community at large?

Show details 

When do you want to exhibit at A/NT?

How many pieces will you show and how big are they?

• Will you need any special additions?
  like a separate opening night, performance art space,
  special AV equipment etc. 

Add anything else that you think will help define your proposal.



We Are Non-juried 
There is no need to submit artwork images or descriptions.

Hanging space
 Our Entry Gallery has 45 feet of linear wall space available. The walls have an installed hanging system (Walker). A larger number of pieces can be accommodated by hanging salon style (multiple pieces hung vertically, i.e., over and under).

Repeat show policy
To keep our shows interesting and dynamic, we like to keep repeats down to a maximum of 3 per year. This does not mean that because you showed last year, you cannot repeat this year. Space is given on a first come first serve basis. If we reach the three repeat show limit, we will ask the organization who has shown most often and most recently to retract their show for that year. This will give an organization who has not had so much opportunity to for exposure to show. Again, this does not mean that an organization that was asked to table there show for one year, could not still submit for the following year.

Thank you

A/NT Gallery Staff Volunteers