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September 2018 

11 x 17 FLYER (MEXAM SHOW).jpg
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MEXAM Northwest Festival is pleased to present “Emergencia Artística Seattle”, a group show focused on lending visibility to the ideas and relationships that Seattle artists have with and around Mexico. 

The show is curated by prestigious Oaxacan artist Fulgencio Lazo,
leading voice and community leader and a Seattle resident for over 30 years.

El Mason Maya Jorge Vilchiz.jpg

El Mason Maya    Jorge Vilchiz

Corazones Jake Prensez.jpg

Corazones Jake Prensez

Chalchiuhtlicue Ixtlixochitl Salinas-White Hawk.jpg

Ixtlixochitl Salinas-White Hawk

Blank Stellated Modular Link Simitrio Flores.jpg

Blank Stellated Modular Link
Simitrio Flores

Reyina Noah Gallo-Brown.jpg

Reyina    Noah Gallo-Brown

El Senor Del Anahua. Jorge Vilchiz.jpg

El Senor Del Anahua.  Jorge Vilchiz

Binding. Matias Lazo-Fanning.jpg

Binding     Matias Lazo-Fanning

Seven Generations of Genetic Memory. Jake Prendez.jpg

Seven Generations of Genetic Memory 
Jake Prendez

Queen of the Warrions  M. Galaz.JPG

Queen of the Warrions   M. Galaz

Quebranto Jesus Mena.jpg

Quebranto    Jesus Mena

La Tlachana Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys.jpg

La Tlachana   Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys

Untitled  Noah Gallo-Brown.jpg

Untitled  Noah Gallo-Brown

Giant Paper Birthday Cake  Simitrio Flores.jpg

Giant Paper Birthday Cake  
Simitrio Flores

Seeds of Possibilities Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys.jpg

Seeds of Possibilities   
Amaranta Ibarra-Sandys

La Princessa  Che Lopez.jpg

La Princessa  Che Lopez

La Zapatista Amaranta Sandys.jpg

La Zapatista  Amaranta Sandys.

Mujers de las Flores Che Lopez.jpg

Mujers de las Flores    Che Lopez