Car Wash Milo Solomon.jpg

Car Wash   Milo Solomon

Skate Park Milo Solomon.JPG

Skate Park    Milo Solomon

Patient J. ST Rivera .JPG

Patient J     ST Rivera 

The Long Wait Sobia Shuaiib.jpg

The Long Wait   Sobia Shuaiib


So What? (above)
Poncho (below)  
Monica Suarez

Poncho.  Monica Suarez. .jpg
Orangutan Cameron Decker.jpg

Orangutan (above)
Uttara (below)  
Cameron Decker   

Uttara Cameron Decker.jpg

Summer Book 2017 (above)
Book With the Children's Teeth In It (below)  
Mark Brunke

Master of Love  (top)
Mistress of Love (bottom) 
Tatyana Brown


Colgate  Wanyi Chu

Flying Camilla White .jpg

Flying   Camilla White 

Kelly Lyles #1.jpg

Seattle artist and arts advocate Kelly Lyles at the April opening

Flower Girl Gordon Swanson.jpg

Flower Girl    Gordon Swanson


Ocean Plunge     Bob Hutchinson

One More Tummy Rub Lonny Johnson.JPG

One More Tummy Rub     Lonny Johnson

Lise, Seattle SEAF  Stan Schiff.jpg

Lise, Seattle SEAF     Stan Schiff    

Sophia Seated Mary Hutchinson.jpg

Sophia Seated     Mary Hutchinson

Tombstone Franky Castle.jpg

Tombstone     Franky Castle

Mounted Bark Paper #1 Franky Castle.JPG

Mounted Bark Paper #1 (above)
Mounted Bark Paper #2 (below)
Franky Castle

Mounted Bark Paper #2 Franky Castle.jpg
Jungle Birds Franky Castle.jpg

Jungle Birds      Franky Castle