Here and Gone Kerry Rowland-Avrech copy.jpg

Here and Gone    Kerry Rowland-Avrech 

Business and Pleasure-Ballard,WA
Kerry Rowland-Avrech

White Glacer from Glacer Creek Don Wesley .jpg

White Glacer from Glacer Creek
Don Wesley

Allegory of a Modern Starling  Don Wesley.jpg

Allegory of a Modern Starling  Don Wesley

Red-eyed Soothsayer Don Wesley.jpg

Red-eyed Soothsayer   Don Wesley

Braided Branches Ray Redd.jpg

Braided Branches   Ray Redd

Arbutus in Rain Ray Redd copy.jpg

Arbutus in Rain   Ray Redd

Tuscany Lena Leitzke copy.jpg

Tuscany Lena Leitzke

Root Table Mark Brunke copy.jpg

Root Table   Mark Brunke

Cold Mountain Water Mieko Hamblin.jpg

Cold Mountain Water Mieko Hamblin


Inauguration Day (the crack in everything) Scott Hennes

The Spirit of Tiime Scott Hennes

Family and friends of artist Scott (right).jpg

Family and friends of Scott Hennes (right)

A Kirkland Sunrise Hiba Jameel.jpg

A Kirkland Sunrise    Hiba Jameel

I really don't care, do you?   Hiba Jameel
National Art Competition Winner


Your Lover Will Never Wish To Leave You Kamilla White.jpg

Your Lover Will Never Wish To Leave You Kamilla White

Apookalypse (part one) Bob Hutchinson.jpg

Apookalypse (part one) Bob Hutchinson


Apookalypse (part two) Bob Hutchinson

Long-time A:NT associate and life model Gary Stewart examins a painting by Mary Hutchinson that he is in 2.jpg

Long-time A/NT Gallery associate and life model Gary Stewart looks at himself in a painting by Mary Hutchinson.

Bathers: Cape Arago   Mary Hutchinson

Double Bluff Beach   Mary Hutchinson

Pumpkin Gon Bad Steve Marts.jpg

Pumpkin Gone Bad    Steve Marts

Refuge. Tomi Tierney.jpg

Refuge  Tomi Tierney

Winter in Seattle Tatyana Brown.jpg

Winter in Seattle Tatyana Brown

On Alki Beach Tatyana Brown.jpg

On Alki Beach Tatyana Brown

Rock Starz Alan Cunningham.JPG

Rock Starz Alan Cunningham

Blue Mandala Kree Arvanitas.jpg

Blue Mandala  Kree Arvanitas


Bankrupt Soul of America (UL)
New Crusades Clayton UR)
Where is the Future (LL)
Homeland Security(LR)
Clayton Schonberger


Longtime opening nighter.JPG

Longtime gallery affacianido

#975 Poplar Bowl Stephen Olds.jpg

#975 Poplar Bowl   Stephen Olds

Do You Like My... Bubbles? Michelle Ishimitsu.jpg

Do You Like My... Bubbles? 
Michelle Ishimitsu

On the Cross Sharia Laurin.jpg

On the Cross.  Sharia Laurin

General Sherman Charles Parrish.JPG

General Sherman   Charles Parrish