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September 2018

The Post Personalism Project


About The Post Personalism Art Movement

Post Personalism is about universal oneness. Not only because it's a good idea, but because its the new emergent potential. Anything other than universal oneness is now part of the old reality, the old consciousness.

Post Personalism is an art movement that transcends egocentric creativity and is based in the awarenes that true artistic creativity is an expression of the greater whole.

Post Personalism is a contemporary approach that engages awakened concepts in relation to human identity and artistic creativity.

The word "personality" comes from the word "persona", which comes from the greek meaning for mask, or our outer appearance. Post Personalism looks behind the mask and brings attention to the authentic being that is our true identity.

Post Personalism communicates artistic themes relating to the evolution of human consciousness. It postulates that humanity has the potential to move beyond the egocentric stage and into a non-egoic stage. The non-egoic stage is an emerging new consciousness.

Post Personalism uses art forms to communicate attributes of the emerging new consciousness. 

Post Personalism is an artistic platform that enables an exploration of the evolution of human consciousness through art.

‘Post personal’ does not mean a disregard of the personal self, it means coming after, or going beyond, or going deeper than the personal self. It is not impersonal because it is compassionate. It is the next step. Post personalism is about the here and now, it is pro presence.

Post Personalism does not promote any doctrine or belief system. Instead, it is based on an open and flexible framework of oneness and seeks to go deeper than the status-quo state of human consciousness today. 

Post Personalism was founded by Patrick Howe and Christopher Gasper, in Seattle, Washington, in 2014.

Presence Prime Patrick Howe Patrick Howe.jpg

Presence Prime    Patrick Howe

Post Personalism Show coordinator  Patrick Howe with opening night guests .jpg

Post Personalism Show coordinator
Patrick Howe with opening night guests.

Conscious Totality Patrick Howe.jpg

Conscious Totality    Patrick Howe

Radiance Prime Patrick Howe.jpg

Radiance Prime   Patrick Howe

Consciousness Bends Reality Like Gravity Bends Space Patrick Howe.jpg

Consciousness Bends Reality
Like Gravity Bends Space

Patrick Howe

Blossoming Mind Patrick Howe.jpg

Blossoming Mind    Patrick Howe

? Network Patrick Howe.jpg

Conscious Network    Patrick Howe

Cranes 1 through 4 Aaron Brady.JPG

Crane series    Aaron Brady

Post Personalism Crane 2.jpg

Crane 2   Aaron Brady

Post Personalism Crane 1.jpg

Crane 1  Aaron Brady

The Potentiality Christopher Gasper.jpg

The Potentiality    Christopher Gasper

Being Born Christopher Gasper.jpg

Being Born    Christopher Gasper

Blossoming Inner Light Christopher Gasper.jpg

Blossoming Inner Light   Christopher Gasper

The Light of Consciousness Christopher Gasper.jpg

The Light of Consciousness.  Christopher Gasper

Transformation Christopher Gasper.jpg

Transformation   Christopher Gasper

Being (Picasso) Portrait. Christopher Gasper.jpg

Being (Picasso) Portrait.  Christopher Gasper.

Being With Georgia Christopher Gasper.jpg

Being With Georgia    Christopher Gasper


The Post Personalism project has been in development since 2014. Post Personalism explores the possibility of art being made that is not merely personally referential. According to Post Personalism, we live in a personal era of human history, which embodies all of Modernism and celebrates freedom of personal expression. Post Personalism acknowledges personal expression too, but primarily explores the universal oneness that transcends the mere personal. Post Personalism develops intelligent and forward thinking concepts that emerge out of that inquiry.  For art to continue evolving toward a deeper, or higher state of human consciousness it must move in the direction of universal oneness. It is true that art today may continue evolving technologically and in style and technique, but those lesser forms of evolution alone will not take us deeper into our shared oneness.