Clear Skys Over Krakatoa Saul Krotki.jpg

Clear Skies Over Krakatoa      Saul Krotki

The Letter Don Wesley.jpg

The Letter  Don Wesley

The Patriot's Barn Kerry Rowland Avrech.jpg

The Patriot's Barn     Kerry Rowland Avrech

The Cookie Maker. Gordon Swanson.jpg

The Cookie Maker     Gordon Swanson

Naked In Japan Bethann Shannon.jpg

Naked in Japan   Bethann Shannon


Untitled  (above)   Puabi and I  (below)      Hiba Jameel

Hiba and hubby.jpg

Hiba with her husband and birthday cake

dad & baby.jpg

Opening night visitors view new exhibit

Michelle  and Loamy.jpg

Michelle Ishimitsu and guest 

Feb music guy his girl and Alan Cunningham.jpg

Alan Cunningham (right) converses with opening night guests


Checkers    Alan Cunningham

Still Life Yury Konyshev.jpg

Still Life      Yury Konyshev

Wood: Ash Scorched Grain       Stephen Olds

Baroquish copy.jpg

Baroquish   Bob Hutchinson

Bob Hutchinson. OK copy.jpg

OK   Bob Hutchinson                                                                                                                 

Marie Remembered.jpg

Marie Remembered    Mary Hutchinson

Clarice With Hands Folded.jpg

Clarice     Mary Hutchinson         

Laid On Wyeth. Lonny Johnson.JPG

Laid On Wyeth    Lonny Johnson

Woman In Song Tanisha Jackland.jpg

Woman In Song  Tanisha Jackland

Tatyana Brown Puppets Love.jpg

Puppets Love  Tatyana Brown

Sunset Over Rocks Irina Williams.jpg

Sunset Over Rocks    Irina Williams

Spring Break    Kamilla White.jpg

        Spring Break    Kamilla White

Moving Through An Unseen Landscape Anton Drachenko.jpg

Moving Through An Unseen Landscape  Anton Drachenko

Forest Witicker Whitaker Charles Parrish.jpg

Forest Whitaker   Charles Parrish