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January 2018





Food for Thought

Art of Alzheimer’s

Tomato  Rosemary Freeman

Tomato Rosemary Freeman

“Our show features recipes from the Mediterranean Diet, with its high proportion of oily fish, fruit, vegetables, unrefined cereals and olive oil, and low levels of red meat and sugar. This diet not only contributes to general good health, it also has the ability to slow the advance of cognitive decline.

Marilyn Raichle Art of .jpg

The Food For Thought exhibit illustrates these recipes with fascinating art created by people living with memory loss and dementia.  Their paintings invite us to see through their eyes as they transform food into images of wonder.”

         Marilyn Raichle  Director,
         The Art of Alzheimer’s

Pumpkin  Gloria Kinny

Pumpkin Gloria Kinny

Sea Creatures  Jane Eggers

Sea Creatures Jane Eggers

Lemon  Janet Atherton

Lemon Janet Atherton

Bean Stew  Dorothy Sale.

Bean Stew Dorothy Sale.

Pumpkin  Jane Kippenhan

Pumpkin Jane Kippenhan

Peppers Jane Kippenhan

Peppers Jane Kippenhan

Sea Creatures  Gloria Kinny

Sea Creatures Gloria Kinny