Hiba Jameel and

Diyar al Asadi

A collection of original art works that address love from and to Mesopotamia; modern Iraq, the homeland of both artists.

Love of the Mandela  Diyar Al Asadi.jpg

Love of the Mandela  Diyar Al Asadi

Diyar (Home Town).jpg

Diyar (Home Town)   Diyar Al Asadi

One Thousand and One Nights Diyar Al Asadi.jpg

One Thousand and One Nights   Diyar Al Asadi

Zolya Aiyar Al Asadi.jpg

Zolya   Aiyar Al Asadi

artist Diyar Al Asadi.jpg

artist Diyar Al Asadi


Women's Bath Hiba Jameel.jpg

Women's Bath Hiba Jameel.

Urr Namu Code of Love  Hiba Jameel.jpg

Urr Namu Code of Love    Hiba Jameel

Rashfa Hiba Jameel.jpg

Rashfa   Hiba Jameel

Puabi and I. Hiba Jameel.jpg

Puabi and I   Hiba Jameel